What is WETT Certified for Fireplaces?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. The WETT Inc. organization is non-profit and provides education and training about all kinds of wood-burning products, including fireplaces.  

WETT certified inspections are required by many home insurance companies, in particular, when there is a wood stove or fireplace on the property. Inspectors check to see if the wood-burning product is installed correctly and safely, and complies with fire and building code rules.  

Why Choose a WETT Certified Technician for Your Fireplace? 

A WETT certified technician ensures that you get a technician with the best knowledge and skills. A WETT technician undergoes comprehensive training so that they can deliver a wide range of wood-burning fireplace services 

 In order to become WETT certified, a technician must undergo extensive training called the Wood Energy Technical Training Program.  

This program teaches technicians a few things, including: 

  • How to inspect wood fireplaces 
  • How to install and maintain wood fireplaces  
  • How to interpret building code about wood fireplaces  
  • How to correctly chimney sweep 
  • Other types of wood-burning systems and how to inspect them 

WETT technicians have the ability to install, maintain, and troubleshoot all of our wood-burning fireplaces 

How WETT Inspections Help Sell a Home 

 You may also need the services of a WETT technician if you are buying or selling a home with a wood burning fireplace. Homebuyers who want to be sure that their new fireplace is in good working order and free of common safety hazards can rely on a WETT inspection to reveal potential problems.  

 WETT inspections are usually legally required in rural Ontario, especially for cottages. However, even if the inspection is not required in your area, you should get one to ensure the fireplace is safe.  

 Also, your insurance company may require you to get an inspection in order to qualify for a home insurance plan.  

 Some homeowners choose to install a fireplace by themselves, which can lead to many safety issues, including fires and the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.   

 You don’t want to buy a home where the fireplace was installed by anyone other than a professional. Consider this advice from Bob Aaron1, a top Toronto real estate lawyer: “A WETT inspection is an important part of a home purchase and an inspection condition should always be inserted into an agreement of purchase and sale where the home has a fireplace or a woodstove.” 

WETT Inspection from Stamford Fireplaces 

 At Stamford Fireplaces we are WETT certified and can offer Level 1 Basic WETT inspections that can fulfill your insurance company’s requirements.  

 For WETT inspections or other services, choose a WETT Certified Technician from Stamford Fireplaces. Reach out to us for pricing and scheduling information.