Fireplace Accent Wall Ideas: Black Accent Wall

This year, black accent walls with fireplaces are perfectly on-trend. Black is a rarely used wall colour, which is why it works great as an accent wall.  

But why add the fireplace? And what if black isn’t exactly your colour? We’ll discuss the importance of having an accent wall, ideas for fireplace accent walls and what they can both bring to your home.  

Why Have a Fireplace Accent Wall 

An accent wall is a brilliant way to bring focus, depth, and character to your home. In general, an accent wall can accomplish several things for the room: 

  • Define spaces in an open-concept home or very large room 
  • Correct room shape, making them seem larger or more square 
  • Add texture and personality that connects other design features  

Not all accent walls will work. Instead, accent walls might draw emphasis to all the wrong elements of a room or make it seem unbalanced. However, you can correct most of these problems by choosing the wall behind your fireplace to be the accent wall.  

  • Focus: Accent walls must be the focal point of the room to look right. The fireplace creates a natural focal point.  
  • Openings: Accent walls should not have windows or doors. Usually, the wall behind a fireplace does not have these features.  
  • Intensity: Accent walls can be too large and intense. A fireplace naturally breaks up the accent wall to prevent this.  

Black Accent Wall Fireplaces & Other Colours 

 Since accent walls look best when they are darker than other walls, a black accent wall is a natural choice. Pair it with a dark fireplace to lean into this dramatic modern look, or choose a lighter fireplace to soften the wall if you’re not sure about it. Glossy blue, green wood or elegant grey are some other fresh accent wall colours to consider. 

Looking for some additional accent wall and fireplace pairings? Consider these: 

  • Red Brick Fireplace Accent Wall: Traditional red brick fireplaces are already bold. You may want to choose a somewhat duller warm tone of red, pink, or beige to complement 
  • Stone Fireplace Accent Wall: If you have a cream or grey stone fireplace your choices are endless. Consider a blue fireplace accent wall if you want to create a space of tranquility.  
  • Brick Fireplace Accent Wall: If you have natural, textured brick, consider adding a textured finish to your accent wall to make it blend with the fireplace.  
  • Wood Accent Wall Around Fireplace: Those going for a rustic look near their fireplace may want to consider a wood accent wall. A wood wall is best paired with a gas fireplace, as opposed to a wood fireplace. Refer to an expert to make sure your design is safe and non-flammable.  

 Interested in a new fireplace to make your accent wall work? Contact us at Stamford Fireplaces for more ideas and assistance with a stylish fireplace in any style.