Why Chimney Sweep?

While chimney sweeping has a long tradition, modern technology has made it a lot safer and more comfortable than it used to be.  

 For many people who have been using their traditional fireplaces consistently throughout the winter, now is the perfect time to start thinking about booking a chimney sweeping. But why is it so important to chimney sweep? 

Benefits of Chimney Sweeping 

 A beautiful, roaring fire in your wood fireplace creates a great deal of smoke and ash, and all of that debris is directed up the chimney. Most of it is leaves but over time it builds up on the walls and in the flue.  

 clean chimney not only produces more efficient home heating but also minimizes chimney repairs and most importantly keeps your family safe. 

 Here are the key reasons to sweep your chimney: 

  •  Fire Hazard: The layer of soot and grime on the inside of your chimney is a fire hazard. This can catch flame and spread that flame to other parts of your home very quickly 
  •  Air Quality: The buildup of soot and tar in your chimney restricts the air flow in and out of the chimney. This pressure makes a big difference in air quality in your home, as it causes smoke to linger longer than it should.  
  •  Fireplace Efficiency: Eventually this air restriction will reduce the efficiency at which your fireplace burns. The fire doesn’t get enough oxygen, so the flames are duller and cooler. You’ll need more fuel to get the same heat.  
  •  Creosote Production: Once you have enough soot to restrict the air flow of your fire, you’ll suddenly have a lot more soot. Why? Fuel that is not burned off will produce creosote, a dark debris that is not good to breathe in and very flammable.  
  •  Animal Habitation: Build-up may cause another problem, depending on the time of year: animal infestation. Bats, birds and even raccoons may think that a warm and slightly smoky chimney is a good place to rest or to make their permanent home.  

How Often Should I Sweep My Chimney?   

 How often you should clean your chimney depends on a few things, including the size of your chimney, how often you use your fireplace, and whether you completely burn off your wood or not. In general, you should not go more than a year without a chimney sweep. However, many people find they need to clean their chimney more frequently.  

 If you have more questions about why chimney sweeping is important or whether or not your fireplace needs to be swept, reach out to us at Stamford FireplacesWe’d love to help!