What Does a Great Outdoor Kitchen Look Like?

While the aesthetics and functionality of an outdoor kitchen will certainly reflect the personality of the homeowner, the truly great ones share a few common features. Here are few things to consider when designing your own:

  • Lynx Double Side Burner Prep CenterConvenient Location – You may install every amenity in your outdoor kitchen but you will still be making a lot of trips into and out of your home. Locating the outdoor kitchen near a door is simple common sense. With that thought in mind, you also don’t want smoke from the grill infiltrating your home. It is a balancing act but with a little consideration, one that can absolutely be accomplished. Finally, locate the kitchen so that the “chef” can do their work while still being included in whatever other socializing is going on outside.
  • Proper Flooring – The type of weather your outdoor kitchen will experience, whether it is roofed as well as the type of cooking that you do will all affect the flooring material you should choose. Wood is a great  choice for kitchens that will see moderate use in a temperate climate. Slate and stone tile is far more durable but can become slippery in wet weather or after a spill. Lastly, concrete is an excellent all-around choice especially in areas protected from the elements – it cleans up easily, can last for decades and is quite affordable to install.
  • The Right Appliances – Integral to making a “great” outdoor kitchen is including the best mix of appliances. Not only should you consider what you will cook on – a grill, oven and warming tray – but also how you will store ingredients ahead of time and clean up afterwards. If your budget allows, add a small fridge and freezer as well as a dishwasher. In the long run, you will appreciate the convenience of not having to run into the kitchen every ten minutes. Not only will you be less physically stressed but you will be able to remain with your guests for more extended periods.
  • Lynx Professional GrillA Place to Prep – Space in an outdoor kitchen can become rather limited but do not overlook the need for a roomy area to prep your meals. Otherwise, you will be bringing in all sorts of furniture to make up for your lack of foresight. In other words, you can never have enough counter space – it will always fill up with something. Do yourself a favour and overindulge in installing this feature – it is simultaneously the least expensive and the most valuable amenity.
  • Suitable Seating – It is obviously important for a great outdoor kitchen to have the best appliances and a suitable preparation area but it is equally important to give you, your family and your guests a great space to enjoy the meal that you prepare. For this simple reason, ensure that you provide enough comfortable seating – as well as tables! – for those who will keep you company while you cook as well as for the folks who will finally dine with you.

We can help steer your outdoor kitchen design in the right direction. Come visit us and sit down to discuss your vision. We’ll show you how we can bring it to life. Contact us today!