Reasons Gas Fireplaces Are Incredible

You’ve got a wood fireplace in your home. And while you like the ambiance at atmosphere which come burning wood logs, there are some drawbacks too:

  • Periodic chimney sweeping
  • Soot and ash accumulation
  • Having to purchase and store firewood on a continual basis

On one hand, you still want to enjoy a cozy fire whenever you want.

On the other hand, you want it to be convenient and low-hassle.

The solution: Converting from a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace from Stamford Fireplaces.

If you aren’t sure about switching from wood to gas, here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider it.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Imagine this scenario:

You’re coming home from work in the dead of winter. You had a rough day at the office, traffic is awful, and all you want to do is warm up by the fire.

You walk in the front door. You’re cold. You’re tired. You’re in a bad mood. You’re ready to lounge by the fire.

Would you rather:

  • Flick a switch to instantly light your fireplace?
  • Lug firewood into the home, prepare the firebox, and spend time lighting it?

You’d take the first option, every time. Especially if you discovered you had no firewood and had to go back out and get some.

Life is busy. Sometimes you don’t have the time, patience, or energy to start a fire and constantly tend to it.

But you do have time to flick a switch and then….do nothing but relax.

Incredibly Easy to Maintain

 Think about everything you need to maintain in and around your home, such as:

  • Car maintenance and service
  • Furnace (in winter) and air conditioning (in summer)
  • Lawn care

Of course, you also have family responsibilities, work responsibilities, and other things which inevitably pop-up.

Notice what’s not on that list?

That’s right: A gas fireplace.

There’s literally no mess with a gas fireplace. Once you turn it off, there’s nothing to clean up, worry about, or put away.

Incredibly Easy to Install

Converting your old wood fireplace to a brand new gas fireplace starts with the delivery and installation process.

From there (here’s the short version):

  • Chimney cleaning gets rid of any remaining creosote once and for all.
  • Existing gas lines will be extended to reach your new fireplace.
  • A gas fireplace insert is installed and masonry edges are seamlessly sealed.

When it’s all said and done, your new fireplace will look like it’s been a part of your home since day one.

Afterwards, we recommend you schedule annual cleaning, just to keep your gas fireplace in tip-top shape for years to come.

Incredibly Easy to Get the New Gas Fireplace You Want

 For over 40 years, Stamford Fireplaces has offered top gas fireplace brands to homeowners throughout Niagara Falls and surrounding areas.

No matter what make or model you’re looking for, you’ll find it – along with friendly advice – at our design centre.

Contact us with any questions you have. If you already know what gas fireplace you’re interested in, request a FREE quote.