Modern Fireplace Accessories

There are a few accessories you need in order to use and maintain your fireplace. Just because they’re necessary, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Modern fireplace accessories are both functional and stylish.  

 You can get so much more out of your accessories these days. Here are just a few examples.  

Log Holders  

 You need something to hold fire logs, but you don’t need to hide them somewhere. Instead, you can use stylish log holders to make this wood a décor piece in your home. In fact, most log holders are quite small so you have to store the rest of your wood somewhere else. In this case, log holders are more decorative than functional.  

 Modern log holders can be brass, stainless steel, or plastic. You can find them in many seamless, modern shapes. Some of our favourites include log holders made into simple circles or those that use the wood to hide their construction so that it looks like the wood is floating.  

If you’re looking for a rustic log holder, you’re also in luck. They’re available in more traditional materials like cast iron, leather or wood. Rustic holders might be modeled after baskets with handles made from rough rope, while other are simple saddle-shaped holders.  

Tool Frames  

If you have a wood fireplace you need a handle of tools including tongs and a fire poker. The frame used to hang these tools can be just as decorative as a log holder.  

 The frame is usually about waist-high. Its posts might be made from intricate cast iron for a rustic farmhouse look. If you like a minimalist look, search for plain frames that are simple stainless-steel hangers. If you want the tool frame to blend in, choose grey or black, or the more ostentatious bronze you might find.  

Fireplace Screens  

 You need to keep embers at bay and protect children from touching the logs. Still, screens aren’t just about function. The design possibilities for these beauties are endless.  

 Many modern screens are rounded at the top to look soft and sleek. Others have unique patterns built in, including trees, roosters, or branches. Those designs may look quite traditional but modern designs are available too, such as geometric fireplace screens which are quite popular. Look for screens with simple circular or triangular designs if you’re interested in something contemporary 

Modern Fireplace Examples 

 We have many examples of modern fireplaces that can look just as great as the modern fireplace accessories you pair them with. Contact us at Stamford Fireplaces or visit our design centre to see our creative designs in person.