Summer Maintenance for Your Gas Fireplace

The last thing you’re probably thinking about is heating up the house with the fireplace. But since you aren’t using it, now is the perfect time to give your gas fireplace the maintenance it deserves.

This will get it ready for the fall and winter, so you can fire it up the moment you need a little extra heat or glow.

brick gas fireplaceCleaning the fireplace window

It’s important to keep the glass on your gas fireplace clear and clean.  Use an emulsion type cleaner to clean your fireplace glass (avoid any abrasive cleaners, which will directly affect the strength of the glass).  When applying the cleaner, make sure to use a soft, damp cloth that won’t scratch the glass. Once cleaned, dry the glass with a soft, dry cotton cloth or shop towels, as other materials may leave behind synthetic fibers. There are cleaners available which are made specifically to clean gas fireplace glass.

Maintaining your barrier screen

The safety screen doesn’t need anything particularly detailed. A soft cloth or soft bristled brush from the dollar store will remove any dust or light buildup that may have accumulated through the winter and spring.

Is your fireplace cast iron?

When dealing with the matte cast iron parts of your fireplace, you should lightly dust with a soft brush to eliminate loose dust and dander.

If you want to clean the enameled cast iron parts, you can use a mild dish soap and warm water for a deep clean. Once washed, don’t forget to dry these parts with a soft cloth, as standing water can deface the cast iron in some cases.

Cleaning fireplace logs, rocks and the burner

Natural gas fireplace maintenanceMaintaining the inside of your gas fireplace takes a little more time, as the work is more detailed. But it’s still something you can get done in less than an hour.

When you open the front window, you can dust the ceramic logs and rocks with a soft cloth or brush. Try to work into the little grooves so you don’t leave an accumulation of debris behind. That’s really where the extra cleaning time goes, into the little grooves.

The same process applies to the burner of the fireplace, you just want to ensure you don’t brush any particles into the slots of your burner. If you want to clean the glass beads of your fireplace, a run through the dishwasher does the trick.

That takes care of the basics. There are a few more things that require a professional touch if you want to keep your fireplace in tip top condition. Give us a call to book a maintenance visit to take care of the mechanical maintenance your fireplace needs.

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