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Most homeowners wait way too long between fireplace cleaning services.

How long is too long?

The National Fire Protection Association says your chimney, fireplace and vents should be inspected every single year.

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So what do we look at and what do we actually do when we clean your fireplace in the summer?

We check for creosote and get rid of it.

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This is an extremely dangerous amount of creosote.

Cleaning out any creosote buildup is priority number 1.

When ignored, creosote is a significant fire hazard sitting right in the path of the only fire you will ever intentionally set in your house. Leaving creosote buildup is very dangerous.

You can tell if creosote is coating the walls of your chimney by looking up the shaft. That black substance covering the chimney, which most people assume is a normal part of the fireplace, is creosote.

Soft wood fires contribute more creosote because they burn at lower temperatures, and most homeowners burn soft wood because it’s cheaper.

So creosote is our first priority.

We check the air flow.

Air flow matters whether you have a wood fireplace, a wood burning stove, or even a gas appliance.

Air flow:

  • Keeps your fire burning hot.
  • Directs smoke up and out of the house.
  • Reduces creosote buildup.

We clean the glass.

New gas fireplace

Clean glass is almost invisible.

The glass doors on your wood burning or gas fireplace can accumulate an ugly buildup, the byproduct of burning any kind of fuel.

It’s not an easy surface to clean.

We will clean the glass so you have an unobstructed view of your fire, and the relaxing ambiance you paid for.

We look for specific gas fireplace issues.

Your gas fireplace requires some unique cleaning and maintenance.

The gas line needs to be inspected regularly and, if necessary, repaired (this is rare, but the inspections are invaluable).

We check your ceramic or faux log for deterioration, and we look for any kind of residue we might need to remove to keep the fire burning safely and cleanly.

Your technician will also check the gas ignition and the heat output. He or she will check for dents, cracks and other structural issues, and will also check to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are active.

Get it cleaned up today

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