Reasons to Hire a Certified WETT Inspector in Niagara

When it comes to wood fireplaces, WETT inspectors are the unsung heroes, thoroughly examining and assessing these heating sources. As you seek out the perfect fireplace for your home, you’ll discover that hiring a certified WETT inspector in Niagara is not just a choice but a smart and necessary step towards safeguarding your home, your loved ones, and your peace of mind.

If you have a wood-burning appliance or system in your home or business in Niagara, you may wonder why you should hire a certified WETT inspector. Stamford Fireplaces shares some of the reasons why hiring a certified WETT inspector in Niagara is a smart and safe decision.

Defining WETT Inspections

A WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) inspection involves the assessment of all wood-burning devices, including stoves and open fireplaces, carried out by a certified WETT inspector.

Obtaining a WETT inspection can provide you with the reassurance necessary whether you’re in the process of buying or selling a home, currently residing in one, or seeking insurance coverage, as it may be a mandatory requirement.

Reasons Why You Should Get a WETT Inspection

A WETT inspection is a crucial aspect of maintaining wood-burning appliances in your home. Several significant reasons underscore the importance of these inspections, ranging from safety concerns to insurance requirements.

Safety First

Wood-burning appliances, such as stoves and fireplaces, have the potential to release harmful pollutants into your home and even pose a fire hazard if not adequately maintained. Regular WETT inspections help ensure that these appliances operate safely, protecting your home and family.

Insurance Requirement

Many homeowners first encounter the necessity of WETT inspections when their insurance company mandates it. In Canada, insurance providers typically demand a thorough inspection by a WETT-certified inspector for homes with wood-burning appliances before granting coverage. Compliance with this requirement is essential to secure insurance.

Home Purchase Necessity

If you’re buying a home that includes wood-burning appliances, a WETT inspection is imperative. Cottages often feature these appliances, and their installations may not always align with WETT standards. Ensuring their compliance through an inspection is crucial for your safety and peace of mind.

Hidden Dangers

Chimney fires are more common than you might think, and many individuals remain unaware of them. These fires can damage chimney linings, leading to ongoing safety concerns each time you use your fireplace. Neglecting fireplace and chimney maintenance not only jeopardizes safety but also results in structural damage to the brickwork. Timely inspections can catch and address issues in their early stages, saving you money and ensuring your safety.

Insurance Compliance

Aside from initial inspections for insurance purposes, many insurance companies require ongoing compliance with WETT inspections. Fire codes stipulate that chimney inspections should occur annually. We offer discounted rates for those who schedule yearly inspections, making it a cost-effective way to ensure continued safety and insurance compliance.

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