4 Current Trends for Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have had increased popularity over the years, with designers placing increased importance on incorporating aesthetically pleasing and practical fireplaces as the focal point of homes. Here are a few current trends for gas fireplaces from Stamford Fireplaces, your local fireplace installers in the Niagara Region.

1. Flexibility

Newer gas fireplace technologies enable the placement of decorations, mantlepiece photos or items, and other interior design accent pieces or elements to the side, and above the fireplace; a departure from the traditional requirement of heat-resistant materials like brick, stone, or tile. Gas fireplaces effectively insert channel heat away from the wall and into the living space, creating exciting possibilities for designers and homeowners. This advancement allows for the application of various finishes, such as wood and wallpaper, right up to the edge of the gas fireplace. It facilitates the mounting of art or televisions directly above the fireplace, opening a world of fresh design opportunities. The most popular fireplace finishes are expected to include shiplap walls, creative wallpaper designs, and custom wood accent walls.

2. Temperature Adjusting Abilities

Emerging materials in the construction and renovation industry are prioritizing enhanced insulation and greater energy efficiency. Consequently, many homes are becoming more tightly sealed and better insulated, resulting in reduced heating requirements. Having a fireplace equipped with adjustable heat settings enables you to not only use it as a source of warmth for your home but also to lower the heat output, allowing you to prolong the enjoyment of the romantic and cozy ambiance it provides. Most gas fireplaces feature a 5-stage turndown capability, which can reduce heat output by up to 50%, in addition to a variable-speed blower that offers precise temperature control.

3. Linear Gas Fireplaces

We can anticipate the continued robust expansion in the installation of spacious, linear, and modern gas fireplaces in residential settings. These large, linear contemporary gas fireplaces will find placement not only in traditionally modern living rooms but also in a broader spectrum of home styles. Linear fireplaces are proving to be increasingly adaptable, fitting well within a variety of interior design aesthetics and shedding their exclusive association with modern homes.

At Stamford Fireplaces, we provide a comprehensive range of exquisite linear gas fireplaces that harmoniously complement both contemporary townhomes and older ranch-style residences.

4. Corner Fireplaces

As open floor plans gain popularity, designers and homeowners are increasingly opting for corner and multi-sided fireplaces to seamlessly incorporate a fireplace into spacious rooms. Utilizing sizable central flues in conjunction with multi-sided bay or corner gas fireplaces proves to be an excellent strategy for defining separate areas within the open floor plan. Additionally, it offers the advantage of enjoying the fire from various perspectives, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

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