Why You Should Upgrade to A Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert

Imagine basking in the warmth of a wood fire, the flames casting a glow, without the inconvenience and pollution associated with a traditional fireplace. That’s the magic of a wood-burning fireplace insert, a transformative device that can turn your existing fireplace into an efficient and cleaner-burning system. Stamford Fireplaces discusses the reasons why upgrading to a wood-burning fireplace insert is a decision that can significantly enhance your home.

1. Prevent Excess Heat Loss

Traditional open masonry fireplaces are highly inefficient, with 85-90% of heat escaping through the chimney. This inefficiency requires frequent fire maintenance. Fireplace inserts address this issue by sealing everything within a chamber, preventing drafts and enhancing efficiency to around 70-75%. This means longer burn times, with one load of wood lasting 6-8 hours and, in some cases, up to 14 hours.

2. Reduce Heating Costs

Investing in a fireplace insert not only represents a lasting enhancement for your home but also delivers immediate energy savings. It’s a win-win situation!

Fireplace inserts function as zone heaters, efficiently warming specific areas like living rooms and bedrooms where people spend most of their time. This allows you to lower your furnace usage, conserving energy. Wood-burning fireplace inserts emit radiant heat, raising ambient temperatures and can be paired with blowers to enhance overall heating efficiency.

Traditional open fireplaces lead to significant heat loss. Even with the damper closed, warm air escapes, and cold air infiltrates your home, necessitating continuous heating to maintain comfort. A fireplace inserts seals your home, minimizing heat loss.

3. Improve the Look of a Room

Incorporating a fireplace insert into your home can significantly revamp a room’s aesthetics without the need for extensive remodelling. Fireplaces often serve as the central focus in rooms. Introducing a fireplace insert allows you to enjoy the cozy ambiance and warmth of a fireplace regularly, while also introducing an attractive and enduring element to your home’s decor. Engineered to seamlessly fit into your existing masonry, a fireplace insert has the capacity to refresh your room’s design, tidy up your mantelpiece, and conceal any unsightly soot or ash buildup.

4. Reduce Emissions

Numerous municipalities are implementing bans on older wood fires and traditional masonry chimneys due to their adverse environmental effects. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established stringent emission standards, measured in grams per hour, to limit their impact on the environment.

A conventional fireplace relies on the room’s available oxygen for the combustion process and heat production. However, this process is known as incomplete combustion, resulting in an inefficient burn and the release of black smoke. These gases and particulates play a significant role in air pollution, making them focal points in many city clean air initiatives.

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