Why You Should Shop Locally for Fireplaces in Niagara

As gas fireplaces become more popular among homeowners, the desire for these features in homes is growing. This means that having a fireplace can add significant value to your property. But where should you buy one? 

Let’s take an in-depth look at why shopping at a local fireplace store in Niagara is a great idea for homeowners.

Gas Fireplaces are Gaining Popularity Among Homebuyers

Gas fireplaces offer a range of advantages that are widely recognized by homeowners. They provide convenience with instant heat available at the flick of a switch. They are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment for residents. Safety is another key benefit, offering peace of mind to homeowners.

These advantages are significant to prospective home buyers who seek out properties equipped with gas fireplaces. A study highlighted by SFGate.com revealed that 46% of buyers are willing to invest more in a house if it has a gas fireplace. 

On average, homes with gas fireplaces saw an increase of approximately $16,100 in their sale prices, as reported by Trulia.com. This highlights the appeal and financial impact that gas fireplaces can have on the housing market.

Why You Should Shop Locally for Fireplaces in Niagara

After reading the above information, it is apparent that having a fireplace in a home can add significant value to it. If you don’t already have one, adding a fireplace to your property holds several long-term benefits. If you’re considering shopping for a fireplace, there are many options to choose from. Why not shop locally? Buying a fireplace in Niagara is a great idea for several reasons. We list them below:

Expert Help

When you shop at local fireplace stores, you’re more likely to get personalized help from experts who know the area of Niagara and can recommend the best fireplace for your home.

High-Quality Products

Local fireplace stores, like Stamford Fireplaces in Niagara, sell high-quality brands such as Enviro, Valor, Barbara Jean, and many more. You can trust that what you’re buying is built to last and will keep your home cozy for many years.


Shopping local lets us do our part to protect the planet. Choosing a local fireplace store also helps you reduce your carbon footprint because it decreases the pollution that comes with transporting goods long distances. 

Support Local Economy

By shopping for a fireplace in Niagara, you support local businesses and contribute to the economy. Instead of spending on shipping, you can put money toward purchasing from a local business.  

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