Why Choose Electric Fireplaces for Your St. Catharines Home

One call we often get is from people who are interested in installing a custom fireplace but are concerned about the fire or smoke hazards that come from traditional wood-burning fireplaces. While a properly maintained wood fireplace is quite safe, we understand the concern – particularly if there are people in the home with allergies or respiratory issues.

In these cases, we recommend electric fireplaces in St. Catharines and the surrounding areas, which we service from our Niagara Falls location. Electric fireplaces may not have quite the same charm as a wood-burning fireplace, but they are safer for people with breathing issues – and have other benefits as well.

If you want a fireplace but don’t want the smoke, here are some reasons to consider an electric fireplace instead.

All the Heat, None of the Fuss: Why Choose Electric Fireplaces in St. Catharines

Smokeless heat

Electric fireplaces don’t have an open flame, and they don’t produce smoke either. This makes them safer than wood-burning fireplaces, and a great alternative for people with health concerns.

Your indoor air quality will most likely be better with an electric fireplace.

Lower fire risks

Again, a regular fireplace has very low risks when it’s properly maintained – but there’s no arguing that the presence of fire in a house is inherently more dangerous than not having fire. Approximately 6% of house fires in North America are due to fireplace accidents, and electric fireplaces mitigate that danger.

Great looks in any room

A traditional fireplace really needs to be kept in a large room, like the living room. But what about smaller units or smaller rooms such as bedrooms? Electric fireplaces can fit into any space and look great doing it. This could be a great alternative to running a space heater or costly HVAC systems in the winter.

Electric fireplaces are more eco-friendly

In the grand scheme, the small amount of carbon sent into the atmosphere by a wood-burning fireplace is absolutely tiny – but “small” is still more than “none.” For people who are looking for any way to reduce their carbon footprint, electric fireplaces offer a reliable alternative that doesn’t burn anything that will make its way into the atmosphere.

Less work and maintenance

Wood-burning fireplaces are a commitment. You need to deal with smoke and soot and keep the chimney clear with annual cleanings. Also, of course, there’s the need to source and safely store wood for the fire.

Electric fireplaces have none of these maintenance needs. They’re easy to keep running and need only minimal cleaning over time. Plus, electricity is generally cheaper than wood, unless you have a lot of wood on your own property.

Choose Stamford Fireplaces for Electric Fireplaces in St. Catharines

We have over 40 years of experience providing custom fireplaces, and servicing St. Catharines from our location in Niagara Falls. We provide all types of fireplaces, including wood-burning, gas-powered, and electric, along with a huge range of designs that can fit any home’s look.

To install the fireplace of your dreams, just contact Stamford Fireplaces!