What You Should Know Before You Change Your Wood Fireplace to Gas

Is it time for you to change your wood fireplace to a gas fireplace? Gas fireplaces, generally, require less maintenance than wood fireplaces. Plus, they offer several other advantages such as being less expensive to maintain and being easier to control overall  

But what’s the cost of making the switch and is it worth it in the end? Learn more about the benefits and costs here to help you make your decision.  

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace  

gas fireplace is, to many people, an improvement over a wood fireplace. It’s true that you lose the fire’s distinct crackle and woodsy scent. However, you gain many other advantages that make your life easier.  

 The benefits of gas fireplaces over wood fireplaces include:  

  • No Wood: If you choose a gas fireplace you will not have to buy, haul, dry, or manage firewood. You can empty out your wood storage space and use it for something else. Plus, you’ll save plenty of time.  
  • Safety: As you won’t be using wood, you eliminate many safety concerns. There are no sparks from gas fireplaces, significantly less fumes, and no creosote.  
  • Constant Heat: When you’re managing firewood, it’s harder to achieve consistent heat. Gas fireplaces have no such problem.  
  • No Chimney: Chimneys may be beautiful but they involve a lot of work. With a gas fireplace, you won’t need a chimney sweep.  
  • Save Energy: Burning natural gas is better for the environment than burning wood. Gas fireplaces have become extremely efficient in the last few years. Plus, it’s easier on your pocketbook.  

Costs to Change Wood Fireplace to Gas Fireplace  

Gas fireplaces are simple to install. However, when you’re replacing a wood fireplace, a bit more work is needed to make the space functional. How much will the conversion cost? The price ranges widely.  It could be a few hundred dollars, it could be a few thousand.   

The overall cost depends on your existing fireplace, which kind of gas fireplace you’ve chosen (especially if the new gas fireplace is vented or not), and several other factors.  

We understand that you don’t want to jump into a home improvement project without knowing how much it will cost. At Stamford Fireplaces, we’re upfront about what your new fireplace will cost and will show you options that can reduce the price if you’re concerned about going over your budget.  

Gas Fireplaces from Stamford Fireplaces 

Ready to choose a new, stylish gas fireplace? Visit our design center, which features 50 gas fireplace models for you to choose from. Or if you have any other questions about changing from a wood fireplace  to a gas fireplacecontact us. We’re always happy to answer. 

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