Using Your Fireplace as an Accent Wall

Fireplaces are coveted architectural features that can add warmth and character to your whole home. In fact, when done well a fireplace and the accent wall surrounding it create the focal point to any room or open-concept floor plan. Yet, the fireplace is often outdated due to the misconception that refinishing the fireplace will take too much work.  We encourage you to get creative and start making the most of your fireplace by adding an accent wall to accentuate this area of your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Material Options for Your Fireplace Accent Wall  

Your home’s character comes from the specific materials you choose, this is no different for the materials that are chosen for the accent wall surrounding your fireplace. To create a certain character for your home, focus on the texture and style of the materials you choose. Knowing that you can refinish it in any colour you like in the next step.  

  • Brick fireplace accent wall: To really make a statement, choose fireplace bricks that are vintage, or apply a vintage finish. 
  • Stone fireplace accent wall: Stone fireplaces can add character to your home and give it that vintage look and feel so many people love. 
  • Wood accent wall: Repurposed wood can be an economical way to add character. 
  • Tile accent wall: Tile is a very versatile material that works with brick and stone fireplaces. 

Colour and Finish Options for Your Fireplace Accent Wall 

White living room with white brick fireplace

Next comes the most exciting part: choosing the right finish to make your fireplace and accent wall a real standout feature. Here are some options: 

  • Black: A black accent wall fireplace is a very modern, luxurious statement. Combine it with other dark colours to intensify the look and feel of the room. Or, lighten it up with a wooden mantel and other wooden décor for a rustic touch. 
  • White: One way to achieve a white fireplace is to apply a lime finish. The original colour still partly shines through, for a dimensional look. Or, simply prime and paint the bricks white, relying on décor to add colour. 
  • Blue: We’re seeing a lot of blue in living rooms this year, so why not go with a blue fireplace accent wall? Add gold accents to add richness and contrast to the deep blue fireplace. 
  • Red: Some fireplaces don’t need much finish at all. Red brick fireplace accent walls can be left alone, just like the exposed red brick wall behind them. You can spin this look towards industrial or classic, it’s up to you. 
  • Brown: If you’re using neutrals for an accent wall, you can make it pop more by painting only the brick and leaving the mortar in its original colour. We love the look of brown brick with white mortar. 

Ready to spruce up your space? Updating your fireplace doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let the experts at Stamford Fireplace create the fireplace of your dreams. 


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