Different Types of Gas Fireplaces: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Gas fireplaces are highly preferred by many homeowners due to their ease of use and convenience in providing warmth to homes. However, before you invest in a gas fireplace, it’s important to understand the available options and criteria for selection.

In this article, we guide you through various types of gas fireplaces, venting options, and gas types to help you choose an ideal fit when you visit our gas fireplace store.

Gas Fireplace Heat Production

Gas fireplaces provide highly efficient room heating as they operate without electricity or wood logs. With heat outputs ranging from 4,000 to 40,000 BTUs, they can effectively warm rooms of various sizes. It’s important to match the fireplace’s BTU output to the square footage and ceiling height of your room for optimal heating performance.

Gas Fireplace Types

Gas fireplaces are tailored to fit your existing fireplace and enhance your home’s aesthetics. We’ve listed common gas fireplace types below so that you can select the perfect option that meets your requirements when you visit our gas fireplace store:

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace is a useful appliance that resembles a conventional wall-built wood-burning fireplace but actually demands minimal fire upkeep. It safely and efficiently provides heat to a space. The great thing about gas fireplaces is that they are offered in several different styles, providing an option for all preferences.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are compact metal boxes containing a log and burner set that fit snugly into a fireplace opening. They connect to gas and electrical lines through insert apertures. If you’re switching from a wood-burning to a gas fireplace, it’s a good idea to consider choosing a gas fireplace insert to allow for easy installation.

Gas Stoves

A freestanding gas stove emits heat from all angles, making it ideal for warming extensive spaces. If you want to create an overall rustic look in your space, choose a gas stove for a cozy, cabin-like ambiance.

Gas Logs

Gas log fireplaces are known for their cost-effectiveness. They feature ceramic logs that are placed within the fireplace. Gas log fireplaces require connections to gas and electric lines. As they resemble a stack of wooden logs with a central gas burner, they’re a great alternative for those who prefer to avoid the inconvenience of traditional wood logs, easily enhancing the look of your space.

Types of Gas

When it comes to fuel options, you have the choice between natural gas, providing a continuous fuel supply, or propane tanks, which require periodic replacement. Each gas fireplace setup can potentially support either natural gas or propane fuel, ensuring you can select the ideal gas fireplace to align with your fuel preferences. Here are the types of gas for fireplaces:


Propane is a liquid gas that can be supplied to your home in either bulk quantities or in portable canisters and tanks. Propane fireplaces consume less gas thanks to their efficiency. They rely on an electric system for ignition, necessitating power to start the fire in your gas fireplace.

Natural Gas

Natural gas fireplaces are preferred due to the widespread use of natural gas in many households. Burning clean, natural gas is safer than wood-burning or electric alternatives as they emit fewer toxins during combustion. In addition, natural gas quickly disperses in case of a leak.

Types of Gas Fireplace Vents

Gas fireplace ventilation systems efficiently heat the room while directing recycled air and potentially harmful fumes outside through vents, chimneys, or flues. Most gas fireplace models can be paired with various vent systems, provided you have adequate space to do so. Below are the vent types for gas fireplaces:

Natural Vent

A natural-vent gas fireplace, also referred to as a B-Vent fireplace, uses the air from a room for combustion and relies on an existing fireplace or chimney flue. A single pipe connects to the fireplace, which aids in drawing fumes up the existing chimney flue and expelling them from the house.

Direct Vent

A direct vent system comprises two pipes: one for exhaust and another for air intake. The air intake pipe channels fresh outside air into the sealed metal box for combustion, while the exhaust pipe eliminates the combustion byproducts. These pipes can either extend up a chimney flue or exit through an opening in an exterior wall.

The Features of a Gas Fireplace

As important as it is to know the types of gas fireplaces available, it’s equally important to be informed about the features they include. Here are some common features you may find on a gas fireplace:

Included Blower

Blowers aid in warming spacious areas by circulating warm air throughout the room. They enhance fireplace efficiency by keeping heat that might otherwise be lost and directing it into the living space.

Adjustable Flame

Opt for an adjustable flame fireplace to tailor your ambiance, whether you desire a strong fire or a gentle flame. You can easily adjust the intensity of the hearth with a simple tweak.

Adjustable Thermostat

With an adjustable thermostat, you can regulate your fire’s temperature and heat output effortlessly.

Safety Screen

Safety screens act as a protective barrier, preventing contact between hot glass surfaces and small hands and minimizing the risk of burns.

Corner Placement

An effective way to utilize an unused corner is by installing a corner fireplace. Specifically designed to fit seamlessly into corners, it allows you to optimize space while adding the warmth and charm of a fireplace to your home.

Remote Control

A remote control lets you easily control your fire without leaving your sofa. This convenient device enables you to adjust the flame size and temperature and power the fireplace on and off.

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