Christmas Fireplace Decorations & Christmas Mantle Decorating Ideas

What’s cozier than curling up to your fireplace this cold Christmas season? It’s the perfect spot to relax, so why not make it a show-stopper too with some Christmas fireplace decorations? If you’re thinking of changing things up, we have some Christmas mantle decorating ideas to get you inspired, no matter what style makes you feel the most festive.  

Rustic Decor 

If you have a stone fireplace or a wood burning fireplace you may get the most out of rustic themed décor.  

There are many elements of rustic Christmas that you can mix and match, including 

  •  Antlers 
  • Reindeer statues, maybe made out of driftwood 
  • Pinecones, and other forest-inspired pieces 
  • Traditional holiday greenery like holly  
  • Stockings made of grain sacks 
  • Stone figurines 

Whichever you choose, stick to natural materials to maintain the rustic theme.  

Natural Decor  

There are plenty of great décor ideas just outside your front door. Christmas greenery can be harvested from your backyard or local woods for free depending on where you live. Just be sure that your foraging is legal and environmentally sustainable. As a rule of thumb, you should never take more than twenty percent of an individual plant.  

Depending on your climate, you might be able to harvest: 

  • Branches from evergreen trees like spruce and pine—mix and match these to create a dynamic look 
  • Pinecones from evergreen trees, just pick those that have already fallen 
  • Birch treeseven stripped of leaves, these are a great holiday accent 

Traditional Decor & Faux Candles  

This year, the soft yellow of faux candles is wildly popular. These beauties are safer and more convenient than real candles, and look beautiful when mixed in with garland and twinkling lights on a mantle or centerpiece.  

If you’re the traditional type, you can pair new accessories with more time-honored Christmas decor, such as:  

  • A Christmas village 
  • Small reindeer statues 
  • Garlands on the edge of the mantle 
  • Traditional stockings in bright red 
  • Bells, angels, and gingerbread men 
  • Plaid 

Black and White & Modern  

Not everyone is a fan of that traditional Victorian-inspired Christmas. If you have very modern or minimalist décor, you can adjust Christmas decor to work with it, without being overwhelming.  

One key strategy is to pick décor in black and white. It’s completely non-traditional but still neutral and stylish. This year, chalkboards are especially popular mantle items and they work with the black and white trend perfectly. Use the chalkboard to create a wish list, write children’s names for Santa, or draw fun holiday scenery.  

The Spirit of Christmas Past  

Don’t forget that your fireplace mantle is a natural gathering place for the family. Frame pictures of previous Christmases and set them out on the mantle to encourage people to reminisce about their favorite Christmas memories. If you’re planning to host extended family, include images of them too. Don’t forget to take new pictures this year!  

Whatever Christmas fireplace decorations you choose, be sure to reflect what matters most to you about the season. Don’t forget to reach out to us at Stamford Fireplaces if you need help with your fireplace this Christmas Season.