Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your St. Catharines Home

There are few pleasures quite like curling up in front of your own fireplace for warmth, or a nice place to work, or for a romantic evening. Visiting a fireplace store in Niagara Falls servicing St. Catharines and placing your order can also be a nice investment in your property – fireplaces are a great selling point if you ever put it on the market!

However, you might be surprised at how much variety there is in fireplaces. So, let’s take a moment to talk about your major options. Then you’ll have an idea of what you want, when you visit.

The Types of Fireplaces

When it comes to choosing  a  fireplace you’ve got three basic options:

Wood burning fireplaces are the classic choice, with the genuine warmth that comes from burning real wood. However, you do need to have an actual chimney for the smoke, and wood fireplaces require more upkeep than the alternatives – not to mention buying wood. Still, nothing beats the classic roaring fire.

Gas fireplaces are a lower-maintenance alternative to wood, burning natural gas to create a pure smoke-free flame. They can even mimic the look of wood fireplaces, and many people consider them the best balance between fireplace styles.

Electric fireplaces simply use electricity to generate heat, while mimicking the look of traditional fireplaces. They aren’t as authentic, but they’re a good choice if you have people in your home who are sensitive to smoke or fumes.

The other major choice is, “How are you going to finish your new fireplace?” 

If you’ve purchased a gas burning or wood burning insert, there’s not much to do, because this type of fireplace simply is inserted into your existing brick fireplace.  This look provides a rustic, more traditional look for your home.  

If you’ve purchased a gas burning or wood burning stove, you will be required to have a non-combustible hearth under the stove.  The hearth can be made of stone, brick or ceramic tiles, as long as it meets the size requirements as specified by the manufacturer.  Stamford Fireplaces offers a wide variety of pre-made hearth pads, as well, we offer custom made pads to suit your decor.  Speak with our sales staff for details.  

Lastly, if you purchased a zero-clearance gas fireplace or an electric fireplace, you’ve got a few choices to make.  Do you want a traditional wood mantel?  Would you prefer something more modern like ceramic tile with your television hung above the fireplace or something more classic like stone with a rustic beam mantle.  The sky’s the limit with this type of Fireplace.  Stamford Fireplaces can work with you to help you both design and build your custom finish.  

For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in bringing the best in fireplaces, installation, and services to St. Catharines and the greater Niagara area. We carry a wide range of fireplaces, as well as providing maintenance and cleaning. If you have a fireplace in the area, or are looking to buy one, we’re your trusted partner!

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