4 Exciting Fireplace Trends

The fireplace has always been a focal point of family, comfort, and warmth. That will never change.

However, there are some new design and décor trends (for both fireplaces and the rooms they’re in) that will really make them stand out.

Wrap around fireplaceTrend 1: Wraparound corner gas fireplaces 

This was a staple of luxury home décor in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s, wraparound corner fireplaces started to wane.

However, in 2018, they’re making a big comeback.

A wraparound corner fireplace has the firebox spanning the front and side of the fire surround.

As a result, you get a whole new perspective when enjoying your fireplace.

Another benefit is that you don’t even have to be sitting directly in front of the firebox to enjoy the fire.

You can get a nice view of the dancing flames even if you’re sitting beside it.

Wood fireplaceTrend 2: The return of wood

Wood fireplaces have never really “gone away.” But in recent years, many homeowners have opted for the convenience of gas.

(If you’re deciding between wood and gas, check out this blog from Stamford Fireplaces which compares both fuels)

In 2018, there is still a desire for wood fireplaces in many modern homes.

Here’s why:

  • Modern wood burning fireplaces tend to burn wood longer
  • Less time can be spend cleaning the ash drawer
  • Savings on energy bills if you have access to free lumber

Perhaps the biggest reason wood fireplaces are making a comeback (if you could call it that) is because there’s nothing the replicates the ambiance of a wood-burning fire.

Trend 3: Reactive fireplaces

Reactive fireplaces and fire tables and pits are relatively new, but they’re expected to really take off in 2018.

So, what’s a reactive fireplace?

A reactive fireplace wirelessly syncs to your home entertainment system using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

When music is playing, the flames “dance” (either raise or lower) to the beat and rhythm of the song. As a result, a totally unique fireplace experience is created.

Love music?

Love relaxing by the fire?

Then you will definitely want to consider installing a reactive fireplace in your home.

Bedroom fireplaceTrend 4: Fireplaces in bedrooms and bathrooms

Traditionally, fireplaces are found in living rooms or rec rooms.

But this year, warm and cozy fireplaces will be making their way to other rooms inside the house.

Placing something like a wall-mounted fireplace in the bedroom is good place to start. It creates a relaxing, calming atmosphere just as you’re ready to go to sleep.

And installing a fireplace inside your master bathroom can also create a tranquil environment which combines the rejuvenation of water and the majesty of fire.

Just picture yourself, after a long day:

  • Relaxing in a soaker bathtub….
  • ….Reading your favourite book….
  • ….With a warm fire in the background

At the very least, you won’t experience the chill that occurs when you step out of the bath to grab your towel.

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